Snow, Ice and rain = Property Issues

What a winter we are having….thoughts of Spring seem so far off yet the damage of this winter is still alive. Although I was a child in the Blizzard of 78′ we did get through it and with minimal damage to property.

The real issue about dealing with this winter is simply the unexpected amounts of snow. The media does a great job of freaking Homeowners out by the word of “collapse”, but in reality, building codes require New England structures to use framing to withstand a tremendous amount of weight, and the structures the media shows on TV most likely needed attention without a snow load. Piece of mind to be “sure” would be to remove¬†snow or a good amount of snow from flat no pitch¬†roofs. Human life is much more important than money…even though “Gypsy” contractors are charging ridiculous amounts to do so.

The blooming tulips are weeks away and the summer heat is coming. Remember its much easier to get warm in your house than it is to cool off.

Chris Mullen, Boston, Newton