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About Bayberry Management

Bayberry Management LLC, Established 2010

Christopher Mullen, Principal

Christopher Mullen started Bayberry Management in 2010, after 16 years of working for a corporate company. Boston condominiums were on the rise and Developers from around the city were settling for the large corporate companies that flood the management market with high profile buildings and expensive contracts.

Christopher Mullen

Christopher Mullen

In the 1970’s the Mullen family invested in Real Estate development and construction, what they found is that once these projects needed attention after the contractors move on. Eugene M. Mullen Realty was then expanded as a management company.

Chris Mullen wanted to make Bayberry the type of company that took Property Management in another direction, both with the maintenance side and the financial aspect of management. While researching, what works for property management, he found that most employees do not last long in this demanding business. Corporate companies look at their bottom line and push their employees so far with work demands that they end up leaving the business, corporate contracts are terminated early 70% of the time, simply over performance and the lack there of. Bayberry prides itself in the reverse of that, all employees have been working with each other for over ten years; they work as a team to make Bayberry a management company of the future.

In this fast paced world, condominium living is in high demand, more families have taken to the urban style of living to be close to work and restaurants and to enjoy the overall convenience of the city. Bayberry is a family based company that strives to be hands on team in every aspect of property management.

Bayberry…..Property Management that works!